We are on a QWEST FOR EXCELLENCE to supply exceptional coated product to our customers that meet requirements, while striving to continually improve our service, deliver and other processes that directly impact customer satisfaction and our business management system.

Quality objectives are identified, tracked, measured, internally audited and routinely reviewed by top management to constantly improve.

The Mid West Coatings Quality Lab

The Mid West Coatings Quality Lab is equipped with and have the ability to perform the following quality functions:

Quality Verification:

  • Adhesion

  • Paint Thickness gauging

  • Gloss meter

  • Spectrophotometer

Lab Equipment:

  • Conductivity Meter

  • Titration Equipment

  • pH Meter

  • Balance

  • Lab Oven

  • IR Temperature Gun

Process Monitoring Equipment:

  • Conductivity Controllers

  • Temperature Controllers

  • Volt Meters

  • Amp Meters